Monday, August 2, 2010

Stavros is growing!

So it has been a while since we have posted anything.  3 months to be exact. I can't believe how behind we have gotten.  But hopefully everyone has been catching up with through facebook or snapfish.  Lots have happened.  I have gone back to work full time and Stavros is now thriving at a small in-home daycare close to our house.  We are adjusting to life as working parents with a little baby. 

John Stavros Bruce was baptized on July 4th. 

His Godparents were Brett Huelat and Diane Bernstein.  Becky Polihronis stood in for Diane.

We were so blessed to have our family there for Stavros' big day.  Look for my dad hiding behind my mom.

The Bernstein's were there in spirit.  They told us they went on a beautiful hike that morning to celebrate Stavros' big day!

We had everyone over for some great fried chicken at our house afterwards.  The grandmas color coordinated.

Stavros is the apple of his daddy's eye.  They have so much fun hanging out together.  Daddy is teaching him all about SportsCenter and the cubs!

Stavros is smiling and laughing more and more everyday.  We are learning more and more about our little man.  He is the sweetest little boy and his getting so big. 

He especially likes being outside and wearing his super cool sunglasses!

Till next time. 

Monday, May 3, 2010

happy 3 week birthday!

So we made it to week 3 since Stavros was born.  It also marks the first week that I was on my own without my Mom or Dad, it was rough but my brother was nice enough to come over everyday to keep me company and help with the little guy. 
Stavros had a couple of rough days lots of spitting up like whole feedings so we had to take him to the doctor they think he might have an acid reflux problem.  :( So they gave us medication and we have to give it to him 3 times a day.  We will see if it helps.  But the good news is that he has gained another 10 ounces.  So we are up to 8lbs 10 ounces.  He obviously likes to eat. Just like his parents.

Also his hair is coming in along with his eyebrows and long eyelashes just like his father.  W
We experienced some really fussy days and hours.  Like 2 hours of just screaming. It was pretty rough on me - until John came home. John has been fantastic he even gets up with him at night and gives him feeding so I can have a break -- even though he has to go to work in the AM.  Watching him with Stavros is so amazing. I have never seen such an amazing bond.  What a great father he is! 

Thanks to my great friends recommendations they suggested a DVD called The Happiest Baby on the Block.  There are 5 'S that are recommended or calming a baby.  Okay I don't normally buy into this stuff.  But it totally works and makes a lot of sense.  Only 3 days into it and we have been able to calm Stavros down pretty quickly.  Now there are times we still can't get him to relax but we are getting better ever day and I think Stavros is beginning to trust us more and more. 

He also had his first photo shoot with our friend Melissa....he was having a rough time but I think we still got some great shots.

Stavros also got visits from his honorary aunt and uncle Brian and Kim. If you can believe this just 10 min before they got there he had been crying for about an hour before that.

Also he went downtown to visit a family friend Mariann - he smiled the whole time. :)

Overall things are going well. It has been quite an adjustment --- but when this beautiful boy looks at me with his dark blue eyes -- I fall even more in love with him and can't believe what an incredible miracle he is. 

 Check out our snapfish website for lots more photos.  I have become obsessed!
the password is april11

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1 week and 2 days!

Friday, April 9th
Went for my weekly doctor appointment and nothing too new to report.  I had made a little bit of progress but nothing to extensive.  My doctor said she will see me next week.  :( Guess this baby is going to his due date. 

Saturday, April 10th.
 John and I spent the day running errands and getting things done around he house.  We picked up my mom from Midway airport around 3PM. She had made the decision to just come up and wait for her first grand baby to arrive.  We were hoping she wouldn't have to wait too long -- so that she could help as much as possible once the baby got here.   Once we got home my mom and I went on a long walk and then John my his famous tacos for dinner. I had been feeling contractions for about a week now -- but nothing to report home about and nothing I couldn't tolerate on my own.  We went to bed not feeling any different.  But little did we know this was going to be the last night we went to bed just the two of us.

Sunday, April 11th, 2AM

"Umm John I think my water broke!"

This is what my sleeping husband heard on Sunday, April 11th at 2 AM.  I had just gotten up to use the restroom and was climbing into bed when all of a sudden it felt like a bubble bursted inside of me and whoosh out it came!

John jumped out of bed looked over and said ummm yeah looks like it did!  He went into our spare bedroom and woke up my mom to let her know.  Called the doctor and gathered our stuff and went off to the hospital.  We called the families to let them know what was up -- but knowing that probably nothing was going to happen for a while we encouraged everyone to rest and come at a more resonable hour.  We checked in and we were up in labor in delivery around 3:30AM.  For the next 20 hours it was a waiting game.  Since my water had broken they had to start potosin to get labor moving I got the epidural right away so that maybe I could relax.  It really didn't work like that...if I knew it was going to take 20 hours I probably would have waited to get the epidural so I could still walk around.  We had lots of visitors that game and waited with us.  Becky, John's sister came right away and was there for through the early morning into the afternoon until she had to go to work.  John's Mom Alma came in the morning and was there for the whole day/night.  Brett, my brother came to check in as well.  Most of the day was a blur for me at least.  I tried to rest but it was hard with all the anticipation.  Plus being on potosin that long and with my water breaking there was a chance of infection so they really wanted the baby to deliver within 16 hours. 

So after 19 hours of waiting it was finally time to get this show on the road.  It took about an hour for him to come out and when he came out he was purple and they wouldn't let him cry because when my water broke they realized that he had meconium aspiration, which is a fancy word for he pooped in his home!  So they need to make sure that he did not inhale anything so they took him and 5 pediatricians had to look and him and clear out his airways before we got to hold him.

John was amazing through everything.  He rubbed my back, got me ice chips, and kept me calm through the most amazing experience of our lives.  He got to be very involved even got to cut the umbilical cord and he got to hold our bundle of joy after he was cleared from the peds. My mom stood by my side through all of it.  She helped me keep things going. I was so lucky because my doctor was actually on call so she was there to help me deliver our little guy.    It was nice and comforting.  The nurses and residents were so amazing.  Each of them were better then the last and our last one was an amazing women who kept everyone going. 

Once we saw our little boy we knew what his name would be:

Stavros Bruce Polihronis -- Stavros means crowned and we named his Bruce after my father.

I finally got to hold my little Stavros, it was the most beautiful moment of my life - he was perfect. Everyone came in and got to hold him and see him.  It was very emotional.  
After we had gotten through labor/delivery we were moved up into the postpartum floor around midnight.  Everyone went home except John he came up to the room with me and made sure everything was good.  We got to see Stavros and gave him food and then I went to bed for a little rest.  John went home and came back the next morning.

April 12th - April 13th
The next 2 days with Stavros was so amazing he was so adorable and just little peanut.  It was so great in the hospital with the nurses and the Northwestern staff.  I tried to get a lot of rest but it was pretty hard.  On the 13th we were ready to check out.  Although the doctor told us we could wait until the 14th to go home.  But John and I had already decided we were ready to have our little boy at home.  BIG MISTAKE.  Note to any future parents out there.  Stay in the hospital as long as they will let you, have them force you to check out.  He was perfect until we put him in his car seat and then he cried all the way down the elevator and into the car -- and not just soft cries just pure raging tears.  And that continued all night until the next morning.  Poor John had to go back to work with basically no sleep. 

April 14th - 17th
The next 3 days were a blur trying to figure out life with a newborn.  Thank goodness for my mom and John they were so amazing and really helped out with trying to comfort Stavros.   And waiting for the all important "Milk" to come in.  Friday he went to his first doctors appointment.  The doctor felt he hadn't quite reached a good weight so they wanted us to focus on feeding him more and to come back on Monday and meet with the consultant.  Finally on Friday we got a little relief when it started to come in.  Not only that we got a surprise visitor.  G-PA Bruce surprise Stavros Friday night and showed up.  He couldn't stay away from his first grandchild.  He was a savor taking on the all important 6AM - 9AM shift for 3 days.  He would comfort Stavros and help him rest while John and I got some much needed zzzz.....

April 18th - Happy 1 Week Birthday Stavros....
In the Greek tradition it is customary not to name your child till 7 days after his birthday.  Because of keeping with tradition on this day.  We decided to honor John's father by naming him  John "Stavros" Bruce Polihronis -- we will continue to call him Stavros.

April 19th - Trip to the Doctor
Stavros had his 2nd doctors appointment and met with the lactation consultant.  He is happy to say he now weighs 8lbs.  And everything looks really good for our ever growing boy.  Now if only we could get him to sleep a little longer at night and less during the day.

April 20th - Resting at home
Trying to take it easy and get some much needed things done at the house and trying to get the little guy accustom to our new life. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

37.5 Weeks

Went to the doctor for our 37 week appointment.  We got an ultrasound of our little man.

The good news is that he is in the right position... head down and facing backwards - he is looking completely healthy and very good.  He is 1 ounce away from being 7lbs.  Which is great --- babies grow about .5 - 1 lb a week in this stage so if he goes to term we could be looking at a 9lb baby...which might be little painful for mommy.

The not so fun news is that I haven't really made any progress---must have been all the wine I drank this weekend.  Ha Ha!  My doctor doesn't think anything is going to happen for a little while and everyone should just sit tight until the due date.  :( I was really hoping for this man to come into the world a little sooner.  But I guess I will just continue to enjoy this happy time and work on the house.  I think my nesting instinct has set in. I was up all night last night just working on
things.  I think the babies room is actually done.  I just got our last item the knobs for the furniture.  So I will get to put those on tonight.  I have to start working on XP's bathroom and the guest room since soon enough we will have lots of visitors.

John and I went to New Buffalo for the was so much fun to get away for the weekend and spend some much needed quality time just the hubby and me.  :) We went to 3 different wine/beer tastings...did smores out by the fire -- had a delicious dinner -- I also got a wonderful massage...And we ate at this wonderful Crepe place that was so good I couldn't stop eating.  Thanks for the recommendation Brett.

The only sad part was that KSU lost over the weekend.  Sadly they did not play well which means they are out to the tournament.  I even wore my support and it didn't work.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 37 - Full Term!

Baby's now the size of a watermelon!
Full-term (yay!) little XP is gaining about 1/2 ounce a day and getting his first sticky poop (called meconium) ready. He's also brushing up on skills for the outside world: blinking, sucking, inhaling, exhaling, and gripping (it's getting strong!). So at this point whenever he decides to come the doctors will not do anything to stop him and he will thrive!

We are doing good.  We are trying to plan our last trip out to New Buffalo, MI for the weekend - we figure it will be our last chance to just do something the 2 of us.  Although it is hard for me to leave our house I feel like there is so much to do and not a lot of time to do it.  But everyone tells me to go-- get out of the house and enjoy it will all still be there when I get home!  I am hoping to get a massage and John is hoping to do a little wine tasting.  A little bit won't hurt at this point for me either.
I will send more photos of the bump - it is getting really big now and boy is he strong.  The kicking and turning are making it difficult to stand and walk.  Also I have been experiencing lots of pain in my legs -- I think he likes sitting on some kind of nerve.  :)

On Monday we go to the doctor and we will have an ultrasound to check if his head is down and how much growth he has had.

I think I am done with this pregnancy thing - I am ready to meet this little man I have been caring around!

Thanks for reading talk to you all soon!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 36 - The nursery is getting closer

This weekend we got lots done.  I will post more photos tonight but wanted to get a few of these up!  We finished all the painting.  Shelves too and hung up the decals in the room.  I washed all the baby clothes and now I can finally put everything away.  :) Everything is getting accomplished for our little XP to come into the world.  :)

Thanks to Uncle Brett who have little XP a book I know he will love - "The 3 little Javelinas"

Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 35 - Gammy and Pappy

Gammy and Pappy made a surprise visit this weekend - as you can see they are pretty intrigued with how large I am getting.  They love to see and feel him kicking!  Things are progressing as I am getting closer to the big day.  Only 1 month away - pretty crazy.  Nights have become more and more restless as I am constantly up going to the bathroom and having a few leg cramps.  Thank goodness John is a heavy sleeper - or he is not complaining too much!  I am suffering from backpain at night and cramping from time to time. But I think for the most part I am doing pretty good!  My mom and John might argue the other way since they get the brunt of most of my complaining.  But I think I am pretty lucky!

I wish my mom and dad could stay longer to help us threw our long to do list.  But at this point we will take whatever we can get.  Dad helped us hang up shelves in the baby room and to get some of our furniture reorganized.  Tonight we should get him for another couple of hours so John and him will be hard at work in the nursery. 

Hopefully I will have a few new photos to share of the nursery - very soon!